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How Mdundo Increased Nivea's Customer Favorability by 44%

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

To increase awareness of the “NIVEA harmattan” campaign among the +4.4 Million users in Nigeria, with the aim of driving results further down the purchasing funnel, to support conversion.


  • Drive awareness of the "NIVEA harmattan” campaign among Mdundo users in Kenya.

  • Improve performance further down the customer purchasing funnel to support the campaign's conversion drive.

The Solution

We deployed audio ads to drive awareness, as well as placed banner ads to drive both awareness and conversion.

To deliver the desired results, the focus was to monitor the campaign’s impact across the customer purchasing funnel, through the Mdundo brand lift tool, to understand how the campaign would impact awareness, consideration, favorability and purchase intent within the Mdundo user base.

The creative direction was a eight seconds audio ad in English with a clear communication of the value proposition of the “NIVEA harmattan” campaign.

Campaign Results

+41% increase in Awareness (1.06 Million potential customers)

+13% increase in Consideration (338,000 potential customers)

+6% increase in Favorability (156,000 potential customers)

+13% increase in Purchase Intent (338,000 potential customers)

+18% increase in overall brand lift score

Major Learnings

The audio ad was short, had a clear call to action and had a catchy jingle in line with the popular music in the country, hence improved recall and brand rankings among the target audience.


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