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How Increased Bongo Don Customer Consideration by 31%

The Business

Bongo Don is a recently launched alcoholic spirits brand in Tanzania, by Serengeti Breweries Limited (SBL).

The Brief

After the brand's launch, the team at SBL briefed Mdundo to create awareness of Bongo Don and drive purchase of the brand among Mdundo users in Tanzania.


  • Increase awareness of Bongo Don among Mdundo users in Tanzania.

  • Drive purchase of Bongo Don among Mdundo users in Tanzania.

The Solution

We deployed a 15-second audio ad targeted at the 5.1 Million users in Tanzania (Q2 of 2022) to drive awareness of the brand. The ads were placed in the top 100 songs in Tanzania.

To ensure maximum delivery of the campaign, we continuously monitored it’s performance through our brand lift tool providing real-time insights to the SBL team. The brand lift tool tracks brand health among our users across the consumer purchase funnel, based on the following metrics; Awareness, consideration, favorability and purchase intent.

‘Bongo Don, ladha yako ya kibabe imefika, Bongo Don, miliki ladha ya kibabe!'

Campaign Results

Duration: July - Aug 2022

Delivered 793,024 Ad plays against a target of 751,800.

+11.7% increase in Awareness (597,000 potential customers)

+31% increase in Consideration (1.5 million potential customers)

+12.5% increase in favorability (638,000 potential customers)

+15% increase in purchase intent (766,000 potential customers)

Major Learnings

The short audio ad direction coupled with a catchy tune worked well in driving awareness of the brand, as well as purchase consideration.


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