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Mdundo and Juicy Fruit Partnership to Enhance Awareness of JuicyFruit Fun Gums Campaign

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

The Business

Juicy Fruit is a well-known confectionery brand that specializes in fun and flavorful chewing gums.The brand is well-known for its delightful fruit flavors and enjoyable chewing experience, captivating consumers worldwide. Juicy Fruit aims to revitalize its brand image and reconnect with a new generation of gum enthusiasts.To achieve this, Juicy Fruit partnered with Mdundo to execute a targeted campaign.

Campaign Objective:

The primary objective of the campaign was to enhance awareness of the Juicy Fruit Fun Gums campaign among Mdundo users in Kenya. The goal was to leverage the platform's extensive user base and reach a large audience of music lovers.

The Solution

Mdundo and Juicy Fruit worked together to come up with an innovative and effective plan for the campaign. Their strategy involved playing a brief audio advertisement for Juicy Fruit Fun Gums before the top 100 songs on the Mdundo platform. The goal of this approach was to grab users' attention by focusing on the most popular songs and creating a strong connection between enjoyable music experiences and the brand.

''Dreaming about the juice all day all night, juicy fruit chewing gum is simply unexplainably juicy. If you think you can explain it, the stage is yours.’’

Campaign Results

Duration: 1st January - 30th June 2023

The Juicy Fruit Fun Gums campaign with Mdundo yielded impressive results over the course of six months. The following key outcomes were observed:

  • The campaign was successful in reaching the target audience as the audio ad received over 2.6 million downloads, indicating its significant reach among Mdundo users. This metric proves the effectiveness of the campaign in capturing the attention of the audience.

  • The campaign had a positive impact on the purchase intent of Mdundo users, resulting in a 16% increase. This indicates that the audio advertisement effectively influenced the users to consider trying out Juicy Fruit, which may lead to their next purchase being Juicy Fruit.

  • During the campaign period, Juicy Fruit achieved a brand lift performance of 13.77%, indicating an increase in brand awareness, consideration, favorability and purchase intent among the target audience.

  • In the past 30 days, Juicy Fruit had the second-highest increase in brand perception among all brands, with a lift of 18%. This demonstrates that the campaign successfully positioned Juicy Fruit as a popular and well-regarded brand among Mdundo users.

Major Learnings

The Juicy Fruit Fun Gums campaign with Mdundo provided several valuable learnings and insights, including:

  • The deployment of audio ads before popular songs proved to be a highly effective strategy for increasing brand awareness. By leveraging users' engagement with music, Juicy Fruit successfully captured their attention and created positive associations with the brand.

  • The campaign's notable brand lift performance demonstrated that the audio ads effectively elevated awareness and purchase intent of Juicy Fruit Fun Gums.

  • Juicy Fruit's second-highest brand lift ranking across all brands during the campaign period indicated its success in differentiating itself from competitors. The campaign helped Juicy Fruit establish a strong presence among Mdundo users and solidify its position as a top choice for chewing gums.

Measurement and Evaluation

The campaign's success was measured through various metrics such as downloads, awareness, consideration, favorability and purchase intent ranking. Regular monitoring and evaluation allowed the campaign team to gauge the effectiveness of their strategies and make data-driven adjustments when necessary.

Overall, the Juicy Fruit Fun Gums campaign with Mdundo showcased the power of targeted audio advertising and strategic partnerships. By leveraging the popularity of music streaming and engaging with the right audience, Juicy Fruit achieved significant brand awareness, improved purchase intent, and a competitive advantage in the market.


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