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Mdundo and SportPesa Tanzania partnership to enhance Awareness and Increase Purchase Intent

The Business

SportPesa is a renowned global company that specializes in technology and entertainment, providing online casino and sports betting services. The company expanded its operations to Tanzania in 2017, offering sports enthusiasts an exciting and rewarding way to enjoy their favorite games.

Campaign Objective:

The primary objective of the campaign was to enhance awareness of SportPesa among Mdundo users in Tanzania. By leveraging Mdundo's extensive user base and popular music streaming platform, SportPesa aimed to increase purchase intent among potential customers.

The Solution

To achieve their objective, SportPesa and Mdundo deployed a 10-second audio ad on the top 100 songs available on the Mdundo platform. This strategic placement ensured maximum reach and engagement among Mdundo users.

'' Hivi unajua kuwa huhutaji kua na smartphone ili Kucheza jackpot zote za sportpesa ni rahisi mwanangu, kamatia simu yako, ingia 150*87#. Weka mkeka wako sasa.''

Campaign Results

Duration: August 2022 - 31 May 2023

The Mdundo and SportPesa partnership yielded impressive results, generating substantial awareness and engagement among the target audience. The key outcomes of the campaign are as follows:

  • The campaign generated over 30 million audio ad downloads, indicating a strong response from Mdundo users.

  • SportPesa emerged as the highest-ranked brand in terms of purchase intent during the last 30 days of the campaign, with a significant increase of 34.26%. This metric signifies the likelihood of potential customers to make a purchase from the brand.

  • The brand lift performance of the campaign was 27.73%, indicating that there was a notable improvement in the target audience's awareness, consideration, favorability and purchase intent of the brand.

Major Learnings

By focusing on the top 100 songs, the campaign ensured maximum exposure and relevance to the target audience, leading to higher engagement and brand awareness.

The results demonstrate the effectiveness of audio ads in driving user action and increasing purchase intent. The brief 10-second ad format effectively conveyed the brand message without overwhelming the listeners.

Measurement and Evaluation

The campaign's success was measured through several key performance indicators, including audio ad downloads, brand lift performance, and purchase intent. Regular monitoring and analysis of these metrics allowed SportPesa to gauge the effectiveness of the campaign and make data-driven decisions for future marketing initiatives.

In conclusion the collaboration between SportPesa and Mdundo proved to be a successful strategy in enhancing awareness and increasing purchase intent among Mdundo users in Tanzania. The strategic placement of audio ads on Mdundo's top 100 songs resulted in significant downloads, brand lift, and purchase intent, positioning SportPesa as a top-ranked brand among potential customers. The campaign's success highlights the value of strategic partnerships and the impact of targeted audio advertising in driving business objectives.


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