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How Increased Coca-Cola Customer Consideration by 20%

The Business

Coca-Cola is a world leading soft drinks brand and has been enjoyed around the globe since 1886. The brand boasts of a refreshingly crisp, cold taste that can be enjoyed at home with meals, on the go or shared with friends.

The Brief

Coca-Cola Nigeria launched the ‘Ginjaah your flow,’’ campaign in August 2021, the campaign was aimed at showing how everyday dull moments, can be transformed into memorable and uplifting ones, by reaching for an ice-cold Coke. Coca-Cola Nigeria briefed to increase awareness of the campaign.


  • Drive awareness of the Ginjaah your flow campaign among Mdundo users in Nigeria.

The Solution

We deployed a 15 second audio ad targeted at the 3.1 Million users in Nigeria (Q3 of 2021) to drive awareness. The campaign's theme song was availed for free download on To drive the visual aspect of the campaign, we placed banner ads on the top charts page in Nigeria and amplified the campaign messaging through our social media platforms..

Through our brand lift toolwe continuously monitored the campaign’s performance, providing real time insights to the Coca-Cola team, ensuring maximum impact. The brand lift tool tracks brand health among our users across the consumer purchase funnel, based on the following metrics; Awareness, consideration, favorability and purchase intent.

Campaign Results

+6% increase in Awareness (130,000 potential customers)

+20% increase in Consideration (271,000 potential customers)

+8% increase in Purchase Intent (104,000 potential customers)

+9% increase in overall brand lift score

Major Learnings

The short audio ad direction worked well in introducing the campaign name, backed by upbeat background music that is popular among the campaign’s target audience. The availability of the campaign song for download on the platforms, further drove awareness.


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